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Duck Recipe - Canine

Satori Duck Recipe features Fresh Canadian Duck and a low glycemic index combination of whole Peas and Northern White Beans. Our natural pet food also contains Green Lipped Mussel and Algae.

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Duck Recipe - Feline

Satori Duck Recipe is the first Domestic Appropriate pet food specially designed to bridge the gap between your feline’s anatomy and modern lifestyle.

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Chicken Recipe - Canine

Satori Chicken is crafted for today’s domestic canine and contains a three protein blend featuring Eco-Rich Canadian ingredients.

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Lamb Recipe - Canine

Satori Lamb boasts the highest protein levels of any single-source Lamb grain free diet on the market!

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Salmon Recipe - Canine

Satori Salmon is specially designed for your domestic canine and is packed full of Canadian Salmon naturally providing an extremely shiny coat!

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Chicken Recipe - Feline

Satori Chicken features premium Canadian Ingredients which translates to an extremely tasty meal for your favourite feline!

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Canadian Pet Food
Satori Pet Food

Satori is the first Domestic Appropriate pet recipe specially designed to bridge the gap between your pet’s anatomy and modern lifestyle. Our healthy formulas are made with eco-rich ingredients featuring fresh meat, vegetables, fruits, digestive enzymes and probiotics. We use premium Canadian ingredients, which provide essential nutrients for all life stages of your canine and feline. Every Satori recipe is crafted with honesty and care, as we know that only the highest quality will do for our pets and yours. Your pet’s life is our life’s passion.

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Satori Pet Food includes
  • Fresh Meat, supplying essential amino acids
  • Fresh Vegetables, supporting a strong immune system
  • Fresh Fruits, a source of vital antioxidants
  • Omega fatty acids to promote a luxurious coat
  • Natural Digestive Enzymes, Probiotics & Prebiotics to maintain a healthy digestive tract
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